Find out in our make-up tips how to set your individual beauty to the perfect scene. Learn the makeup basics for eyes, eyelashes, lips and complexion. We explain trendy looks and makeup classics in simple step-by-step make-up instructions and advise you on which products fit perfectly to you.

Step by step the right make-up. Of course, as a prerequisite you need the best makeup basics, which are not to be missed in any bathroom, at any vanity table or in front of any mirror.

The Makeup And The Powder For The Beautiful Complexion

The first and last step with a beautiful makeup is the skin. First of all, this should be cleaned well. With a cleaning water or a cleaning lotion, the skin can be prepared for the following make-up. After the skin has been adequately cleaned, you can apply the day cream, which also provides sufficient moisture and care for your skin throughout the day.

Then it is best to start with the foundation. First, a tinted day cream or the liquid makeup is applied. Of course, it is very important that the cream or the liquid makeup has exactly the color of your skin tone and is not too dark or too bright, otherwise it looks very strange. The primer can be applied either with a sponge or the fingers.

Then we go on with a powder. Also the powder should match your skin tone, or be transparent. It is used to fix the makeup and to make your skin a little dull. The best way to distribute the powder is to use a brush. You should also pay attention to the transition points, such as the neck, hairline and ears.

Lip Gloss For Full Lips

A colorless lip gloss accentuates the lips and makes them appear beautiful naturally. For a make-up that should be suitable for everyday life, this variant is particularly useful. A simple lip gloss is also best suited for your makeup for school. If you are looking for something to be noticed or for a party, you can of course also be a bold red or a beautiful pink of the eye-catcher excellence.

Mascara And Eyeliner For The Perfect Eye Impact

Then it goes on with the eyes. If you want, you can apply some eye shadow to your eyelids. In a day make-up, however, more discreet colors should be chosen. For a party you can of course have a little more confidence and even grab the stronger colors.

A eyeliner with the help of a mascara is not for everyone. Still, it puts your eyes in scene. If you have particularly large eyes, a eyeliner from the inner eyelid to the outside is offered. For everyone else it is better to paint along the lashing wreath and then easily blur the stroke. For this you can use a cotton swab for example.

Then it goes to the eyelashes. There are very different brushes for mascara that make your eyelashes look fuller and longer. The best is to do the test, which is best suited for your eyelashes: which mascara brush should I take? Then pull the brushes from the edge of the lash to the tips. Of course you can also pluck your eyebrows, repaint them and bring them nicely into shape.

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