Anyone can buy a drone. But to deal with it and know the rules – that will be learned. A company has recently started to offer appropriate courses. At the same time, it wants to improve the image of drones.

A study by the University of Neuchatel revealed that civil drones do not encounter much in public with love. For the helicopter pilot and his business partner and the engineer; the problem lies in the lack of knowledge of the pilot.

And Yet There Are Rules That Should Be Respected

For example, the pilot must be in constant visual contact with the aircraft, it is said at the request of the news agencies.

Furthermore, it is forbidden to let the machines fly over human accumulation. And for drones with cameras, the protection of privacy is an important criterion. Their start-up company wants to draw the drone owners  attention to these regulations in order to prevent them from conflicting with the law.

Finally, the graduates receive a certificate. Experts hope that one day this will be officially acknowledged, even if a diploma is needed for the threat of flying.

This involves the legal bases, physics, flight characteristics of the device and practical experience. Although the certificates are not officially recognized, licensing is gaining in importance because certain contractors or insurance companies have now demanded an audit.

For several months, a company has been conducting tests with various plant cultures and products. Agriculture is very interested in the new possibilities. But the working methods would have to be adapted. The precision of the flight equipment is similar to that of the work from the ground. In addition, drones were suitable for use in cities, for example to treat trees in parks or to combat moss infestation on roofs. Thanks to electronic motors, they are also less noisy and more environmentally friendly.

Demand Is Also Increasing In The Chinese Domestic Market

Especially in agriculture. But the sky is gradually becoming full and flying dangerous. This is why pilots need a ticket if they control a drone of more than seven kilograms or at a height of over 120 meters. This is what the Chinese Aviation Authority, CAA, writes.

More typical is the drone pilot, who in the long run does not bear to direct the battles from afar and to extinguish life without ever being physically present. Without really having the opponent in front of him. Others break the contradiction of being caring fathers and husbands in the morning and in the evening.

In the meantime, people know that they need a break between war and homecoming, and that is why they are now mostly psychologically attuned to this stark change for two weeks. Decompressing time is called a phase to relax and reduce pressure. The military needs to learn that even drone pilots need such a timeout.

Fly & Film Offers Training For Special Jobs

This is what the company wants to find good pilots – not least for themselves. In addition to aerial photographs, the start-up now relies on a second pillar: the spraying of plant protection products.

Fly & Film is currently in discussion with the FOCA to facilitate such use of drones. For the use of plant protection products, the company also needs the green light from the Federal Office for the Environment. Experts hope that these issues will be clarified by the end of the year.

Through professional flying hours with drones, you know the technology so that you can control the drone in every situation and know what to do. The drone course teaches you the rights and duties around drone flying. Whether an event with drones or flight hours to expand your know how schools offer you the whole program.

If the weather gets better, hobby pilots and amateur filmmakers will get their drones back. Especially beginners often underestimate the handling of remote use drone. Drones are also subject to regulations on when and where to fly.

Drones To Try Out 

“The course is aimed at beginners as well as persons who have already gained experience in private or commercial use” says a teacher from driving technique centre in the lower Teesdorf. The one-day training is carried out in cooperation with the company Avis-Copter. “We give an overview of the legal situation in, flight technology, meteorology, remote use drone technique, aerodynamics and various models that are on the market.

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